Why choose Distance Gaming™ from Vuetec?

If you're a land based casino then it must have crossed your mind about taking your casino online. But how do you do it? How much investment would it take? Would it negatively affect my offline business? At Vuetec we have the answers to all those questions and believe we're the perfect partner for any casino who wants to have a piece of the online action.

  • Over 10 years experience in delivering live casino games online
  • Significant expertise in online gaming security
  • End-to-end solution from Installation to Financial Management
  • Reliable platform leaving you to focus on the customer
  • Seamless and unobtrusive, meaning no studio-type lighting, no ugly wires and no fuss
  • The most cost effective way to take your casino online

But don't just take our word for it. See what our existing partners have to say.

Years of Experience
We've streamed over 10 million live results so we're well versed in working with casinos of all sizes and know exactly what it takes to maximise your tables earning potential.
Experts in Security
That experience gives us an inherent knowledge of how to make sure your tables are as secure online as they are offline. We've also perfected procedures and training to ensure your staff are aware of all aspects of playing securely online.
End to End Solution
From Day One we work with you to define the best possible solution that suits your needs.

We're hands-on when it comes to planning, installation, integration, testing and security.

We can even assist in the management of financial player accounts and provide training for your staff.

Reliable Platform
As well as providing the hardware to deliver your live feed, our DISTANCE GAMING™ platform allows your members to play at home alongside your casino patrons.

After years of development, testing and deployment the software works. You'll never need to fret about downtime or software glitches.

It just works, leaving you to focus on your customers.

No Wires. No Fuss.
Our FREE consultation process allows us to assess the best solution for your casino that will maximise your members gameplay but minimise the intrusion on your casino floor.

Our technology is inconspicuous and can be integrated seamlessly to your existing membership system.

Cost Effective
Sounds expensive right?

Well no actually, we've priced our solution to be affordable for even the smallest casino operators. We've a flexible approach to the set-up costs and licenses, heck we'd even love to share the risk with you and of course, share the rewards.

Just contact one of our team to find out how we can get your casino online with minimal costs.

Get Ready!

Get ready to take your casino online Online Gaming across the world faces a promising future. With legislation under review in several territories, including the United States it's time you got yourself ready to open your doors to online customers.

Member Acquisition

Get ready to take your casino online Expand your membership beyond your geographical boundaries and grab a slice of the online action. We can help you gain new members from around the world.

...and Retention

Get ready to take your casino online But it's not just about reaching new customers. Live gaming can help you retain and look after existing members making sure they're not tempted to go elsewhere.

Ideal for Online Operators

Get ready to take your casino online If you already operate an online gaming site then why not add live tables to your site. We can provide a scalable platform from just a feed to a full package solution.